Angel investors use our platform for efficient startup investing

Have your own domain ( to receive startup investments, screen with AI support, manage live pitches, and conduct automated valuation.

– Step 1

Startups Sourcing

Get access to all the interesting startups on VeFund and receive time-saving structured updates.

  • Open investor profile
  • Receive new startups in your email inbox
  • Request access to their data room

What is a data room?

VeFund’s data room for startups is one place to share the startup data, pitch video, pitch slides, valuation, and more with one link. It’s an efficient way to catch the investor’s interest and save time from messy pitches.

– Step 2

AI Startups Screening

Receive startup applications, evaluate them with the help of machine learning, and conduct live calls for startup pitches.

  • Activate receiving applications
  • Build your application form
  • Evaluation with VeFund’s Survivability Index
  • Conduct Live Pitches with Shortlisted Startups

Do startups have to pay in order to apply?

No, startups will always apply for free to your investor account.

– Step 3

Automated Valuation

Use a simple, intuitive valuation calculator to help you value potential startups 5x faster using the latest market data

  • Evaluate the startup qualitatively using our qualitative questions
  • Input the Financial Projections
  • Generate Detailed Report
How do you evaluate the qualitative aspects of a startup?

We use deterministic questions regarding the qualitative health of the startup. We compare the answers against an assumed average and maximal performing company and set the valuation relative to the home country’s average and maximum.