Find active angel investors and VCs looking for startups globally

Passionate investors are always looking for startups. Find suitable investors and get access to their application forms.

– Step 1

Find the right investor

Go through the database to find an investor fitting your needs

  • Find angel investors
  • Find VCs, accelerators, and incubators
  • Find the right check size range
  • Check their target market: country and industry
  • Check their preferred investment stage: preseed, seed, Series A, … etc
Which startups are VeFund investors interested in?

Every investor has their own preference. Collectively, investors at VeFund are looking for investments in all countries and all industries. Investors are also looking across all stages of development for startups.

– Step 2

Fill their application

Each investor has an application form for interested startups to apply through

  • Fill the questions.
  • By submitting, you give them access to your data room to impress them more.
  • Get a higher chance to catch their attention.
  • Your startup pitch won’t be another email in the investors’ inbox
What is a data room?

VeFund’s data room for startups is one place to share your startup data, pitch video, pitch slides, valuation, and more with one link. It’s an efficient way to catch the investor’s interest and save your time from messy pitches.

– Step 3

Go to the next steps with interested investors

Interested investors will accept your application and move forward with you

  • Live pitch with investors.
  • Go through due diligence.
  • Negotiate the offer.
  • Receive cash in the bank
How can I be sure I didn’t miss an interested investor?

Once an investor shortlists your application, we automatically send an email to you.