Stay informed with Portfolio tracking tools

Built for VCs & accelerators, our portfolio management tools enhance startups reporting and updates: written reports, metrics, budgeting, and financial statements.

– Step 1

Build templates

Design your own templates for reports and metrics and receive time-saving structured updates

  • Build your templates for the report structure
  • Receive reports in a structured format of choice
  • Set only once and receive updates monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Save the founders’ time
  • Maintain healthy communication
Are there constraints on the number of templates and startups accessible on the platform?

You can build an unlimited number of templates and invite an unlimited number of startups. We understand every startup is different and may require different metrics or questions. So you can build a different template for each startup in your portfolio.

– Step 2

Invite founders

Invite all your founders in one place and set periodic reminders for their updates

  • Invite founders within your portfolio
  • Set reminders monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • VeFund automatically sends reminder emails to founders 3 days prior deadline
How do founders fill in their updates?

Founders have their own startup accounts with VeFund. They receive the template from their investor, fill it on the platform periodically, and submit it back to the investor.

– Step 3

Receive updates & analyze

Receive periodic updates from startups for review and analysis

  • Learn the good and bad news on your startup investments
  • Check if you can help your startups with the current challenges
  • Track the updated KPIs
  • Make your own analysis of KPI charts
Can I export metrics and KPIs?

Yes! You can export the numbers in CSV format for further analysis.

– Step 4

Receive budget & financial statement updates

Let the founders enter their budgeting and financial statements for review

  • Receive budgeting reports from founders including forecast and actual
  • Receive financial statements periodically
  • Manage and track financial statement auditing
  • Stay in the know!
Are the financial statements flexible for each company?

Yes! The user can change the financial statement items to fit their company’s case.