Put all the data you need to impress investors in one place

Share your startup data, pitch video, pitch slides, valuation, and more with one link.

– Step 1

Build your data room

  • Input all your startup data only once
  • Share pitch video
  • Share pitch slides and other documents
  • Fill in your startup’s description and all the details that matters to investors
Why use a data room for fundraising?

The fundraising process can get messy quickly. There is too much data involved. Knowing exactly which data you need to gather and fill in is a huge time saver. Sharing an organized data room with investors also increases the odds of being viewed and not ending up in an inbox full of long, messy pitches.

– Step 2

Share your data room securely

Own your VeFund domain to share the data room with investors (name.vefund.io)

  • Set a passcode for investors
  • Share the secure link privately
  • Proceed with interested investors
Can anyone with the data room link view my data?

No, only those who have the passcode you set can. When someone opens the link, they are directed to fill in the passcode every time. In general, it is recommended to share the passcode with investors privately via email or inbox.

– Step 3

Receive data room access requests

Investors on our platform are always looking for new investments

  • Get exposure to listed investors at VeFund.
  • Respond to investors requesting access to your data room.
  • Apply with a few steps to investors’ call for startups.
Can investors on the VeFund platform access my data room without prior request?

No, investors at VeFund can only see your startup name, logo, bio, and stage of development. All other details and files can be accessed only if you approve their data room access request.