Take startup valuation to a new level with reliable methods and data sources

Use a simple, intuitive valuation calculator to help you value your startup 5x faster using the latest market data.

– Step 1

Answer the qualitative section

Answer a set of questions to evaluate the qualitative factors in the startup

  • Evaluate the team, business model, product & market, and legal aspects
  • Receive qualitative valuation using both the Scorecard and Checklist methods
  • Reliable data sources accounting for the latest market trends in the startup’s country.
How do you evaluate the qualitative aspects of my startup?

We use deterministic questions regarding the qualitative health of the startup. We compare the answers against an assumed average and maximal performing company and set the valuation relative to the home country’s average and maximum.

– Step 2

Input the financial projections

Value the company quantitatively using the best practices on quantitative valuation

  • Evaluate the startup using 3-years financial projections
  • Use the widely known DCF, Multiples, and VC methods
  • Reliable data sources for all the factors needed for a successful quantitative valuation
How many countries and industries do you support with data?

We currently support 83 countries and 92 industries. The number is steadily growing. Even if you don’t find the country or industry you need, let us know so we can work on it!

– Step 3

Generate detailed report

Generate a pdf report summarizing the startup’s valuation and the factors involved

  • The company valuation as the weighted average according to the qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Different weights according to different stages of development (preseed, seed, …etc)
  • Demonstration of all the factors and equations that went into the valuation
  • Negotiation range for valuation
  • 360 degrees view of the company financially
  • Share with investors
Which stages of development do you support?

We support Preseed to Series A funding rounds. The earlier the stage of the company, the more we rely on qualitative valuation methods, and vice versa.