Ideas for Discussing your Product with Potential Investors

The product/service is the core of your pitch presentation to investors. This is the part where investors would decide if you have something worth investing in or not.

Deciding how you will discuss your product with investors may drive you from no to yes. You have to carefully craft your stories, arguments, and words to optimally describe your product.

Here we will show you some tips to get you warmed up and start scripting your product section of the pitch presentation.

Ideas for Discussing your Product with Potential Investors

Tell a Background Story

How did you come up with this very business idea? Why is it so important to you? What made you decide to spend a few years, or a lifetime, solving this problem?

Answering these questions will help potential investors get in your shoes. Let them see why you’re personally invested in this solution.

Telling the background story also helps in showing your thought process and mindset, which is crucial for investors to gain confidence in you.

Show your Product Design Process

You have a problem you want to solve. How did you do so? How did you reach the current product design?

No matter where you are in the startup’s development phase, showing how you came up with the current product design will provide significant context to investors.

Briefly discuss your research, thought process, and validation.

Give Historical Clues

What did people historically do to solve the issue you’re solving?

For example, let’s assume a company that is offering automated software for accounting. Historically, people were doing all the accounting math manually. Then accounting standards were introduced, adding more professionality to the work. Then calculators, spreadsheets, and all the tools that accelerated the process. Finally, the new company came with its offering, hoping people will adopt it too.

Providing historical context gives a quick crash course for investors. Remember, investors are not experts on everything. If providing some background will help them appreciate your solution, you have to take the chance.

Show How Funding will be a Game Changer

Finally that you made sure your product is well understood, it’s time to show potential investors how fueling this idea with funding will accelerate the progress and make it a reality.

Show them your use of funds, your planned milestones, and the rationale that led you to ask to fundraise this specific amount.

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