Common Countries to Incorporate your Startup

Registering your newly-founded startup outside your country of residence is not something new. Thousands of founders have been doing it for years and for various reasons: most of them are looking for tax advantages and ease of regulations.

Here we will show you trending countries that are startup-friendly. These countries are a common destination for incorporating startups in the current period.

1. Delaware | United States

The state of Delaware is a famously common destination for founders. It’s favored by both investors and founders for several reasons.

Processing a startup’s request for registration takes only a few hours to a few days. Delaware pays close attention to its business laws and keeps updating them to more efficiency. They have their own corporate courts and corporate attorneys are most familiar with its laws.

2. British Virgin Islands (BVI)

BVI is known for its low to no tax policies. BVI’s economic stability, efficient laws, and procedures make it attractive to international companies.

The country hosts many companies within the financial sector. This is due to having no restrictions on moving assets in and out of the country.

3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE has been a huge attraction for businesses for a while now. This is due to the government’s focus to become business-friendly for foreigners. This drove startups to either incorporate there or move their headquarters there, just like we saw with SWVL earlier.

The UAE offers generous tax benefits and friendly regulation. Most importantly, their developed infrastructure makes it an attraction for companies and talents altogether.

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands’ government also strives to make a startup-friendly environment.

They offer tax breaks for entrepreneurs along with low taxes on profit distributions. Their flexible employment laws and cultural diversity make it a destination for many international founders.

6. Estonia

Estonia is a great destination for any startup targeting Europe. They offer easy procedures for companies and friendly tax policies. With no taxes on undistributed income, the operating startup has a higher opportunity for reinvestment.

7. Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island is a strategic location for companies targeting Asia and Africa. By developing efficient procedures and tax benefits, the island is now an attraction for international businesses.

8. Saudi Arabia

Similar to UAE, Saudi Arabia is developing an efficient infrastructure to attract international companies. Huge multinationals are noticing the government’s move and relocating their headquarters there already. Within a few years, Saudi Arabia is expected to be a great destination for companies targeting the MENA region.

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