Investment Management Platform Powered By AI.

VeFund helps investors to automate, source, screen, and manage startups’ portfolio. For VCs, PEs, and Angel Investors.

Organizations close deals with VeFund

Three steps towards enhanced & a faster screening


Create Profile & Branded Page

Create your profile and an Investor Branded Page which will be and show the world your investment interests


Set an Investment Program

Start creating your investment program by hundreds of pre-set questions that can by answered by free text, numbers, videos, documents or multiple choice.


Share your Program

Start sharing your Investment Branded Page or Investment Program and receive applications requiring investments through on-demand pitching.

Vefund Great Features

Investor Page (

Share and express your investment scope to stand out and receive more deals. Your branded profile makes it easier for interested founders and fellow investors to find you.

Easily manage your deal pipeline

One place to manage the whole process from receiving applied startups to onboarding promising startups.

Program Creation to Request for Startups

Using your profile, create and share your investment programs. Build your own form to screen and shortlist the best startups.

Intuitive Evaluation tools

Screening hundreds of applications can be hectic. We make it a smooth process with easy-to-use features.

Machine Learning Model for Survivability

You can have access to our machine learning tool to check the potential for survivability for every applied startup.

Ready Question Templates for Screening

Save time from drafting all the questions in your form and use our ready-made questions.

Live Calls with Founders

Schedule and conduct live pitching calls with shortlisted founders and invite evaluators.