Startup selection is now easier than ever with Machine Learning Support

Receive startup applications, evaluate them with the help of machine learning, and conduct live calls for startup pitches

– Step 1

Open investor profile and activate receiving applications

Have your own profile with your domain (

  • Introduce yourself in the profile
  • Set your preferences for startup investments
  • Activate receiving new startup applications
How do startups find me?

Startups will find your profile in the Investor Database and get to know you and your preferences. You can also share your domain link “” on social media and let startups apply through it. The era of inbox pitching is over.

– Step 2

Build your application form

  • Use pre-defined questions and make new ones that fit your needs
  • Let startups answer all the questions you find deterministic
  • Get access to the application forms used by the best VCs globally
  • Use pre-defined questions according to the latest market trends
  • Receive answers in whatever format you like (text, mcq, link, video, … etc)
Do startups have to pay in order to apply?

No, startups will always apply for free to your investor account.

– Step 3

Evaluation with VeFund’s Survivability Index

  • Evaluate startups with our machine learning tool “Survivability Index”
  • We trained our AI tool to calculate the probability of survival for startups
  • The survivability index evaluates business ideas, founders’ LinkedIn, the company’sTwitter account, and more
  • Conduct hybrid decision-making to select the best startups
How does it work?

You can view our full article here illustrating the mechanisms of the survivability index.

– Step 4

Conduct live pitches with shortlisted startups

Schedule and make calls with the best founders in your selection pool

  • Schedule and manage calls
  • Online live pitching
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Move forward with the investment process
How many calls can I schedule?

You can schedule an unlimited number of calls.