Get access to all the interesting startups on VeFund

Get to know the current startups looking for fundraising and make quicker investments.

– Step 1

Open investor profile

  • Have your own profile with your domain (
  • Introduce yourself in the profile
  • Set your preferences for startup investments
  • Activate receiving new startup applications
Can startups find me?

Yes, startups will find your profile in the Investor Database and get to know you and your preferences. You can also share your domain link “” on social media and let startups apply through it. The era of inbox pitching is over.

– Step 2

Receive new startups in our Startup Pool

  • Explore the best founders for new investment
  • Check all our startups in the Startup Pool in your account
  • Define who matches your preferences
  • Contact them
Which countries and industries does VeFund support?

We welcome startups from every country and every industry.

– Step 3

Request access to their data room

  • Access more data for the startups you’re interested in
  • Request access to the data room from the founders
  • Know more about the startup
  • Move forward with them
What is a data room?

VeFund’s data room for startups is one place to share the startup data, pitch video, pitch slides, valuation, and more with one link. It’s an efficient way to catch the investor’s interest and save time from messy pitches.