Seven Y Combinator Startups Innovating in the Sports Industry

It is the second week of FIFA’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar. With the whole world united around football, we want to show you startups innovating in the sports industry. It’s a chance to see interesting business models. It could also be an inspiration to adopt a healthier lifestyle since some of the mentioned startups are targeting you as a customer.

Here we will focus on sport-related startups funded by the one and only Y Combinator. Y Combinator is considered one of the most famous accelerators worldwide, with investments in over 3,000 companies. It can be considered an Ivy League university for startups.

Y Combinator Startups Innovating in the Sports Industry

1. Tempo


Tempo uses computer vision to deliver unparalleled fitness programs at home. Their hardware enables trainers to monitor and provide personal feedback to their members that was only doable in real life. The company is currently post Series-A with nine investors onboard.

2. FightCamp


FightCamp makes boxing and kickboxing more engaging with Punch Trackers. Their product measures your strikes and provides real-time statistics. They also provide access to trainers and boxing equipment, along with a competing community. FightCamp secured a $20M financing round.

3. Moonshot


Moonshot provides “angel investing in athletes.” Just like investing in startups, angel investors can invest in promising athletes through Moonshot. This could be in the form of investing $200k to cover a player’s expenses to join a tournament, for a 5% stake of the tournament’s prize. Moonshot joined Y Combinator in the Summer of 2022 and currently focuses on tennis players.

4. Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This is a platform for endurance events. Users can create, organize, and join races in endurance-related sports. This includes running, swimming, and cycling. Let’s Do This recently secured a $60M Series-B financing round.

5. Trendex


Trendex allows you to invest in athletes’ performance just like the stock market. Users can buy limited tokens of their favorite player. They can earn income based on their performance, very similar to stock dividends. They can also speculate and trade the tokens to earn on price movements. Trendex joined Y Combinator in the Summer of 2022.

6. The Breakaway

The Breakaway

The Breakaway is a motivational coaching platform for athletes. They sync data from multiple applications, which allows users to keep track of their progress and receive coaching and new challenges. Their platform focus is currently on cycling, with the intention to expand to new sports. The Breakaway recently secured a $2.9M financing round.

7. Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep

What’s a good fitness life without good sleep? Eight Sleep is on a mission to get the most out of sleeping. The company leverages thermoregulation, data, and technology to design products that fuel people every morning. Eight Sleep secured a $86M financing round in 2021 and was recognized by TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018 and 2019.

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