Introducing Portfolio Management: Revolutionizing Investor-Startup Collaboration

Navigating the ever-evolving investment landscape can be challenging, particularly when managing startup portfolios. Conventional methods, such as spreadsheets or even no system at all, often falter when handling the dynamic demands of modern investment environments. VeFund, a forward-thinking SaaS provider serving both investors and founders, is here to change this. With immense pleasure, we unveil our latest innovation, Portfolio Management, a game-changing feature designed to transform how you manage and communicate with startups.

Getting Started: Connecting Investor and Startup Accounts

The first step to revolutionizing your investor-startup collaboration begins with a simple connection. With Portfolio Management, you can seamlessly connect your investor account with your portfolio startups’ accounts. This connection allows startups to share their updates directly with you, ensuring a constant, clear, and updated view of your investment portfolio.

Feature 1: Report Templates

In the spirit of efficiency, our Portfolio Management tool lets you create custom report templates for startups to fill out periodically. This feature allows you to ask the questions that matter most to you, ensuring you receive updates that are detailed, relevant, and timely. You can set templates once and receive updates on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Best of all, you can build an unlimited number of templates and invite an unlimited number of startups.

Report Templates | Portfolio Management

Feature 2: Question Lists

Taking a step further in making your startup management more efficient, we introduce the “Question Lists” feature. This new function enables you to pose specific, one-off questions to your portfolio startups to garner the exact updates you need. To aid in this, we’ve put together a collection of ready-made questions categorized into four key domains:

1. “Audit Essentials” for delving into the minutiae of your startups’ operational and regulatory aspects.

2. “Marketing Overview” aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of startups’ online and offline marketing strategies.

3. “Financial Health” for a detailed insight into the financial standing and forecasts of your startups.

4. “Compliance Checklist” acting as your convenient go-to for ensuring the receipt of critical company filings from your startups.

These predefined categories are not just time-savers, but also a means to ensure the relevance of the information you receive. The “Question Lists” feature complements your regular report templates by addressing startup-specific inquiries, enhancing the depth of your conversations and collaborations with your startups.

Question Lists | Portfolio Management

Feature 3: Budgets

Keeping a keen eye on finances is crucial. With our Budgets feature, startups and investors can set objectives (Forecast) and track performance (Actual) of any budgeting account. This feature provides a clear, organized view of a startup’s financial health, facilitating realistic financial planning and decision-making.

Budgets | Portfolio Management

Feature 4: Custom Tasks

For added control and personalization, our Portfolio Management tool includes a Custom Tasks function. This allows you to assign specific tasks to specific startups. This could range from requesting detailed financial statements to asking for updates on a new product launch. And for added convenience, founders can respond to tasks with text or by attaching relevant files, catering to various types of requests.

Custom Tasks | Portfolio Management

Join Us

We believe that our Portfolio Management tool can drastically improve the way you manage and interact with your startup portfolio. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace efficient, organized, and collaborative portfolio management. Try out our new Portfolio Management tool and take your portfolio to the next level.

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